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This is a brief view of the services I offer.  All services steam from treating the spirit, we all suffer from mental imbalances at times in our life. By incorporating holistic practices, complementary and alternative medications, and psychotherapy, such as mindfulness, plant-based medicine, intuitive Tarot reading, and Oracle Card Reading, as well as day trips to connect with the elements of nature.

Dr. Allen will show you the path toward healing you from the inside.

Virtual Initial Psychiatry Consultation
$175 - 60 minutes

The initial psychiatric consultation will establish the client-provider relationship where we will have a detailed conversation regarding your current mental health and history, medical history, social history, lifestyle habits, and your goals and expectations for care. This consultation will dive deep into your specific psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal, professional and physical goals and whether that includes treating with a traditional pharmacology approach, a holistic wellness approach or a combination of both. The plan will be formulated based on your unique needs with a goal for total life balance.

Follow-Up Consultations, including Medication Management
$ 125 - 30 minutes

Follow-up consultations are recommended every 1-3 months. In this space, we will discuss your progress, re-fill medications, and continue to work toward your personal goals.

Plant-Based Assisted Psychotherapy
$350-$550 per session

This session may call to my clients looking to dive deeper and heal their ancestral lineage patterns, negative self-talk, and limiting beliefs. I hold a safe container utilizing Cacao, Rapeh, or Psilocybin, which create new neural pathways in the brain and ultimately guide you to meet and heal yourself. Plant-based medicine has been utilized to treat Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Substance Abuse Disorders, just to name a few.  **These sessions can be held 1:1 or in a group**

Tarot and Oracle Readings
$75 - 45 minutes 
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This session may call to clients who would like to journey into self reflection while utilizing this ancient tool as a vessel for self development. Tarot readings may help you look at underlying patterns, behaviors and thought patterns in your subconscious. I do not predict the future but rather look into energies surrounding your past, present and the many possibilities for the future. Tarot readings empower you to take an honest look at your reality to help you realize that you are in control of your life and have free will. 

Are you ready to begin your journey? Use the appointment scheduler below and input the service that you are scheduling. 
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